What We Do

Our customer service philosophy…

Educate & Train

Knowledge is our stock-in-trade. Dispensing it ably is our mission. To that end, we engage all interested parties in the chain: suppliers, installers, architects, end users and maintenance technicians.

Demonstrating the features and highlighting the benefits of our product lines to not only direct customers, but indirect ones as well, is fundamental. We believe that immersing clients in the proper application and use of our manufacturers’ products is paramount.

It’s a job we perform relentlessly. And then, we do it again!

Support & Facilitate

Knowing what to do is only the first step in implementing an effective product promotion or campaign. Knowing how to get it done requires experience and skill that we gladly share with our customers.

Although blessed with factories that seldom project long lead times or ship flawed merchandise, we are occasionally called upon to expedite delivery or remedy a problem. Here again, our abilities to likely improve a ship date or quickly resolve an issue are brought to bear.

Exceeding expectations is our objective. The client’s satisfaction is our success. We pride ourselves on not being sales “pros.” Rather, we are businessmen who sell.

We ask for the order!